Praise for Raising A Reader

Parent and educators agree that Raising A Reader makes a difference

“Words can’t express how much this contribution means to our community. Many students at Curtis Elementary do not have books in their home. This program allows students to be exposed to over 100 different book titles in a single school year. Early literacy and parent involvement are very important to our school and district and this program meets that need. The 3rd grade classes who were our first kindergarteners to participate in RAR in 2014 still LOVE books and still LOVE coming to the library!”

–Cassandra Thompson, Librarian

“Recently a parent told me she and her son were on their way home after school when her son yelled ‘STOP! We have to go back to school; I forgot my books.’  She told him she had things to do and wasn’t able to go back to school. Her son cried and said, ‘I need my Red Book Bag.’  She realized at that moment the importance of the RAR program and turned the car around and headed back to school to retrieve the books.”

–Educator, Solano County, CA

“Many of our family coaches report being greeted at their home visits by children who are holding their RAR bag knowing that when their coach visits they get a new bag.  With a large population in our community of families whose first language is not English the books are helping the parents as well. One mom said that while the books are good for her kids she has used them as a chance to learn new English vocabulary.”

–Educator, Calhoun County, MI

“My child cannot wait for the next Red Book Bag, so he can share the books with the family. It has really brought the family together.”

–Parent, San Diego, CA

“We had a family who had to evacuate their home quickly due to a flood and the only thing that their 4-year-old grabbed was her RAR Red Book Bag!”

–Educator, Shasta County, CA

“One mother of a one year old child stated, “He used to never look at books. Now every night before he goes to sleep, he says, ‘Book! Book!’ and we read together.”

–Educator, Pima County, AZ

“Families are excited with the books. I was on a home visit with one of the teachers and the parent shared how they look forward to getting the books and “reading” them to each other. It has become a part of their evening routine.”

–Educator, Salem, OR

“I loved that you lent us books so I had the privilege of reading with my children. They all enjoyed reading.   [Raising A Reader] helped me develop a better relationship with my kids.   No matter where we are, every moment is a good opportunity to read and let our imaginations fly.”

-Parent, Phoenix, AZ

“During the Christmas Parade here in our small town, a child ran up to me and shouted to her Mom ‘That’s the lady who reads to me at the library….she taught me to read!’ Her Mom said she is reading a grade level above hers, and thanked the Raising  A Reader Program!”

–Educator, Brunswick County, NC

“Parents are thrilled that their youngsters are receiving a plethora of books. They are enjoying sharing the books with their children. Several parents told us that their children are excited about the books, and the beautiful bags that they get to carry them in. One mom said that the books made her eager to read bedtime stories to her son again.”

-Educator, Baltimore, MD