I Am Raising A Reader v2

Information for Families

Since 1999, Raising A Reader has helped over a million families develop, practice, and maintain  home-based literacy routines that have been linked to academic and life success.

As a parent, we know you want your children to have the very best experiences—the kind they  will need to help them grow and develop. But it is not always easy to know what’s best. There are  so many “experts”, so much technology, and so little time. We’re here to help. Whether you have  participated in Raising A Reader before or not, you can join I Am Raising A Reader v2, our new  family-friendly digital program.

I Am Raising A Reader v2 can meet the diverse needs of your family by reaching you right in your home  and allowing you to engage at your convenience.

How it works

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How it works

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Program Options

Winter Session:
November 27, 2017  – January 5, 2018
Sustain reading habits and support families over the winter break


Family Requirements

In order to participate, families will need:

  • An email address or cell phone number that is used regularly
  • A mailing address
  • To take a short survey  at the end of the 6-week program

Benefits of Joining

Through the I Am Raising A Reader v2 program, parents and caregivers will experience the joy of sharing books with their children by:

  • Using fun, easy, and “real-life” research based practices
  • Captivating their child’s interest and bringing their family together through  Raising A Reader approved print and digital resources
  • Engaging with the program materials in their home (or wherever they are!)  at their convenience and on their schedule
Parent interviews indicated that this type of program likely fills a real need for families—i.e. a need and ‘desire’ for reading/academic activities and materials to engage their children during the summer that is not part of a formal program.
Marc Stein, Ph.D.

School of Education, Johns Hopkins University

This program helped my kids to learn new things over the summer. It kept words in front of them!
Participating Parent

Napa, CA