The Recess Queen

By Alexis O’Neill

recess queenAs students settle into their school routines, one of the best parts of their school day will be recess time! However, recess time isn’t so fun when there is a bully patrolling the schoolyard. The Recess Queen written by Alexis O’Neill will be a great book to read with your child as they make and meet friends on the playground and encounter the most common issue during recess time—bullying! As you read the lively language and look at the vibrant pictures about Mean Jean the Recess Queen and Katie Sue, the new girl at school who stood up to her, parents can ask questions and talk to their children about the topics of bullying, conflict resolution, making good choices, and discuss how to be kind and respectful to others. Using this sassy story, parents and children are given a great opportunity to develop and enhance their literacy skills and comprehension by discussing cause and effect (i.e. the problem and solution), characterization, and making connections to their own personal experiences.
This book can be found in our current Kindergarten Supplemental Building Block set and is suitable for ages 4-8.

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