Raising A Reader is no stranger to family engagement.

For over 20 years we have helped families develop, practice, and maintain home literacy habits through our classic Red Book Bag rotation program. This year Raising A Reader presents its newest program for family engagement, learning recovery, and Kindergarten and school readiness.

Activate Summer Learning! Activate Fun Family Engagement!

Super Summer Learning Adventures develops and reinforces early learning skills through investigation, critical thinking, imagination and meaningful family experiences while building home libraries!

Inside each Super Summer Learning Adventures family pack are easy-to-use tools and resources that support learning recovery and school readiness through standards-based language, literacy, and math development, social-emotional learning, and wellness activities.

Raising A Reader introduces a whole new way to reach families. Instead of our classic Red Book Bag program where students rotate books each week, families receive books and activities to keep and use forever!

Testimonials from parents:

“She’s a lot more confident with her letters. She hasn’t gotten a chance to go to preschool yet but I feel she’s more ready for kindergarten!”

“He finds ways to use all of the toys in the packet. Keep doing it; it works! He’s trying to read letters now and never did that before.”

“She loves all of the items in the bag. She loves to ‘read’ the books, even though she doesn’t actually read yet.”

“The 2-year-old twin siblings now play with the toys and letters and put random letters together into words”

Super Summer Learning Adventures are in alignment with our increased focus on racial equity and were informed by our efforts to address challenges with family engagement that were exacerbated by the pandemic. This program will continue to assist with post-pandemic learning recovery in the year ahead!


Districts across the country have used a variety of funding to support learning recovery in their home community by investing in this opportunity; from local businesses who believe that books in homes are critical, to state and federal opportunities like CLSD, CARES ACT, American Rescue Plan Act funding, and state funds allocated for school reopening, like California’s AB86. Raising A Reader’s Super Summer Learning Adventures offering would be an excellent way for your district to develop and enhance relationships with local funders who believe in the magic of literacy and want to support your students and their families this summer.