Measuring Our Results


Our Program Works

Independent evaluations prove that Raising A Reader makes a positive and lasting impact.

Research shows that family engagement directly affects academic achievement. To date, thirty-six independent evaluations prove that Raising A Reader significantly improves family reading behavior, parent-child bonding and academic readiness across diverse culture and language demographics. Please review the Independent Evaluations page  for details.

Who and Where We Serve

Age Groups


Infants & Toddlers




School Age


African American 23%
American Indian 1%
Asian American 4%
Caucasian 25%
Latino 40%
Middle Eastern 1%
Other Ethnicities 6%


English 48%
Spanish 34%
Chinese 1%
Other Languages 6%

Special Populations Served

Children with Special Needs 29.5%
Homeless Families 14.5%
Migrant Families 16%
Teen Parents 15.5%
Child Abuse Prevention 4%
Other Populations 22%

Implementation Settings

Home-Based Early Head Start 14%
Center-Based Head Start 30%
Center-Based Preschool/Childcare Center 38%
Public School 46%
Home Visiting 8%
Family Resource Center 7%
Kindergarten 11%
Library 6%
Housing Community 5%
Transitional Kindergarten 11%

One of my success stories is having some parents telling me that now that their children have their own library card, they’ve been telling them to take them to the library to rent books using their blue bags. I had some children that had never been to the library so now they’re excited to go back with their family.

Redwood City, CA