Help Raising A Reader
Provide New Children’s Books to Florence Crittenton

Help us raise  $50,000! Every dollar raised will purchase children’s books for classrooms.



Goal for 2017:

Donation Levels


gives a low-income child access to 100 high quality books to read at home for a year


provides replacement books and bags to one classroom


provides a  classroom with a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)  book collection


provides three (3) special book collections (Braille, American Sign Language, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.)


Before Raising a Reader program, I would read to my oldest son every once in a while (not very often).  I remember the first bag that we got.  I sat on a sofa with my oldest son and we read a book called Baboon.  He was around 3 years of age at the time and he was really interested in the story and wanted to me to read it over and over.  That is when I truly realized that this was something we could both enjoy and we looked forward to getting new bags with new books.

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