Yoko Writes Her Name

by Rosemary Wells

YokoWritesHer-NameAs children  and families head back to school this fall, Yoko Writes Her Name written by Rosemary Wells is a wonderful book to share together.

The story centers around a little Japanese cat named Yoko who just learned how to write her name in Japanese. She is excited about her first day of school but once she starts her classmates begin teasing her that she is not going to graduate because she does not know how to read and write in English. Yoko no longer wants to go to school anymore until she meets a friend in class who wants Yoko to teach him how to write his name in Japanese. At the end of the story, Yoko is not only accepted by the rest of the children in class but she is celebrated for being herself.

This is an engaging book to share with children that can be used to spark discussions about diversity and teach children about showing kindness and accepting the differences of others. This book can be found in our School Themed Supplemental Building Block and is suitable for children ages 3-6.

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