We are thrilled to announce Raising A Reader is joining forces with Lit Lab’s incredible community committed to serving children and their families, and are accepting the donation of LitLab’s kidappolis, designed for caregivers to support early learning in literacy, math, and science.

The bilingual English/Spanish kidappolis app is is aligned with RAR’s mission to engage caregivers in a routine of meaningful learning with their children from birth through age eight to foster healthy brain development, healthy relationships, a love of reading, and the literacy skills critical for school success.

“We are thrilled to be the recipient of the donation of kidappolis. This is a great opportunity for Raising A Reader to learn how we can innovate using technology to increase home literacy and learning,” said Michelle Torgerson, Raising A Reader President and CEO.

LitLab, a Bay Area based literacy nonprofit will soon be sunsetting as a stand-alone nonprofit and is generously donating their digital application kidappolis to Raising A Reader’s suite of home learning offerings.

“We’re really excited to donate the app to an organization that is aligned with our mission, strengthening families, and supporting home.   Our goal has always been to bring home learning opportunities to more families, and donating the app to Raising A Reader, will help the app to have national reach.,” said Laura Reed, LitLab’s former CEO.

Raising A Reader has started working with families to explore learning outcomes for families who use the app.

How do I access kidappolis? Is it free?  

You can download the “school edition” of kidappolis to explore enhancing home learning. To use the app for free, use this code: RARPilot  

Kidappolis – Apps on Google Play  

Kidappolis: School Edition on the App Store (apple.com)