Drum roll please….

The award goes to Dick Wilkolaski!  

Launched in 2019, Raising A Reader’s  Legacy of Literacy  award celebrates funding partners who have allowed us to blaze a new or expanded trail.  

To recognize the incredible support of and dedication to providing the critical leadership and guidance necessary to scale Raising  A  Reader from 70 to more than 300 affiliate partners across the country, Raising A Reader is honored to present Dick  Wilkolaski  with a Legacy of Literacy award.  

Dick is Raising A Reader’s  outgoing Board Chair and has dedicated the last 16 years to RAR through his leadership as a board member and a significant investor. Dick is a retired  certified public accountant, business advisor, business appraiser and court expert witness for over 35 years and former  Partner at Seiler, LLP, a regional CPA firm, in addition to being a dedicated longtime community volunteer.  

Thank you, Dick, for your generous commitment of time and resources to our work! We simply could not have done this work without your leadership and incredible investment.